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Balance. Core. Agility.


These are three powerful words.  Do you own them in life? Most of us think we do. Yet, the only way to realize whether we possess these traits is to actually put them to the test. In real life, this would mean facing pernicious situations. Where else can one test her person other than at the gym? The new work out presented in the video here is based on three fundamental properties we tend to take for granted. I challenge you to try these for yourself.


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Welcome to Work Out – Work Up Inc.








Work Out – Work Up Inc. is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to building confidence in teens by subsidizing their gym memberships.


Our goal is to help teens who cannot afford a gym membership receive a gym subsidy.

We aim at using regular exercise to teach young people about setting goals, focusing, and succeeding in life.

We aim at seeing them healthy, improving their grades in school, graduating from high school, and getting into college.



Our vision is to turn young people’s lives around through regular physical exercise.