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When to pursue change

My trainer, Swann Cardot, taught me something very important today: Don't hold on to things, habits, or ideas that don't work for you. Leave them behind and pick up something new. Holding on to exercises or habits that don't work for you only stalls your progress.



It’s easy

Courtesy of Swann Cardot



Shoulders & back exercises

Here is a great demonstration video with Swann Cardot and Tyrone Gardner. As you can see even the most accomplished athletes use simple movements. The secret is to pay attention to your form, gradually increase the weight you lift, and work out in circuits.






Determination feeds motivation

During our search for professionals who would like to collaborate with Work Out-Work Up Inc. and support our effort to introduce teenagers to fitness, we meet many people: gym owners, fitness enthusiasts, and of course, trainers. 

Swann Cardot, a dancer, fitness expert/model, and bodybuilder has given us plenty a tip for more effective workouts and most importantly plenty of inspitation. To learn more about Swann visit


Courtesy Jay Sullivan Photography

Wouldn't you girls want to look like Swann? She insists all you need is determination and a good plan. Once you start seeing how strong you become with every work out, your motivation to reach new levels of fitness will soar.