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Get Ballin’

A stability ball is the least expensive and most versatile exercise tool. It is easy to order online or to buy at any major fitness store. Make sure to choose the correct size. Some people are much taller than others. You need to make sure you are buying the stability ball that is right for your size (especially height since you will be sitting on it but also gait since you will be lifting it with your legs).

In addition, a stability ball is:

Adaptable to every fitness level. For beginners,  push ups become easier with a stability ball. Bridges and lunges are two other sets of exercise performed with the stability ball.

Great for your back. In fact, physical therapists agree that it strengthens the deep muscles of the spine. One recent study found that subjects who used the ball regularly improved muscular endurance (the number of consecutive reps you can do) by 57 percent in 10 weeks.

Fun. Because of the challenges it presents, a stability ball makes the workout routine go faster. It also adds some interest to it because sometimes it is hard to keep a straight face while trying to balance on the ball.



(Post by Thomai Serdari)