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Rafael Nadal loses at the Australian Open

Would you say there is a lesson to take away from Nadal’s loss today at the Australian Open?  While one can never underestimate a competitor, this is not what this post is about. After all, David Ferrer played aggressively against his opponent’s weakness—which is exactly what competitive sports are about.


For us, plain folk, who do not participate in Grand Slams but only try to maintain a healthy level of fitness, what happened before Nadal’s loss is more important. Nadal has already amassed prizes and medals and is the number One tennis player in the world. In addition, he has been preparing himself physically for the Autsralian Open, a major that he would have liked to conquer.


Over-preparation may have the opposite effect, however. By that I mean that athletes, especially top athletes, tend to overdo it. They extend themselves physically and mentally in order to be in the win-zone. They tend to overextend for too long of a period for it to be sustainable. In the end, anyone can crack under pressure. Whether it is a mental de-focus that leads to a physical injury or a physical accident that may drain the athlete from his physical and mental energy, the point is that we are all human. And the great thing about failing, as painful as this may be, is that we get the chance to try again.


The greatest lessons come from challenging oneself so hard that it is impossible to succeed at the challenge. Observe what happens in you then, be objective about your weak point and work at it again. Do it as a learning experience, as an opportunity to learn more about yourself. In the process, you will achieve great levels of fitness and a exceptional sense of accomplishment.



(Post by Thomai Serdari)