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Yoga session with Kristin McGee

Mark your calendars! On September 21st, Kristin will teach a free yoga class at Paragon. Remember to register in order to attend. Information below:







One of our directors, Kristin McGee, an experienced yoga and pilates instructor who is also the creator of Bendigirl, a yoga program tailored to girls of 12 to 18 years old, frequently volunteers her time to teach young children. She offers free instruction at several places around New York City, including The Jewish Community Center at the Upper West Side and the YMCA. Both are places open to hosting programs such as ours, namely programs that cater to adolescents and that teach them how to work out and why working out is important physically and emotionally. Kristin is well sought after for her effective method of instruction. I joined one of her classes at Equinox on Prince Street and there was barely an inch of open space left. Equinox members flock to her classes that are conducted in a quiet studio, a place conducive to meditation and self-awareness. Two days later, I was thankful to her for having worked a whole group of muscles that I did not know I own.

In exactly eleven days, on September 22nd, I will be joining her at Paragon Sports, where she will teach a one-hour long free yoga class with the goal to introduce New Yorkers to the benefits of this type of exercise. I will join her as a member of the audience of course because I have only tried yoga twice in my entire life. I am a novice, in fact, a new novice if such a type exists. I am looking forward to talking with other members of the class and learning what motivates them to pick up physical exercise and whether they think they will stick to it.


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