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From Core to Vision to Bliss

        Are you familiar with Bliss (, the spa that opened in 1996 with a single location in New York City’s Soho? By now, the company operates from multiple locations in New York City, the US, but also Barcelona, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Dubai. In fact, their dedication to perfecting their services at all levels has caught competitors’ attention. What differentiates Bliss from other businesses, however, is the belief that the client is at the center of their universe. At least, this is what I took away from a brilliant presentation Bliss’s president, Mike Indursky, a most intelligent, articulate, and stirring marketing professional, gave a few days ago at the Stern School of Business. (

        I am mentioning this here because Mr. Indursky made a poignant remark about his strategy in developing the business successfully. He used imagery from the human body and said that right now his company is still working on its core. By this he meant the variety of products and services that form the core of the business. He then continued by saying that without a strong core a company cannot succeed and therefore it will not be able to articulate a vision for the future. Even if a remotely defined vision exists, it is not easily attained unless the core of the business is in place.

        Mr. Indursky’s audience nodded in confidence affirming that they understood what he was referring to and that they could easily make the connection. Everyone makes the connection when such metaphors are used to describe products or processes. Why is it then that we have such a hard time understanding that the roots of the core/vision metaphor stem from our own structure and physicality?  Without a strong core humans cannot function. What is the core that defines human beings? Their body and their mind, elements we all possess in whichever form. Without a strong core there can be no vision. Without a vision there is no future. The best way to strengthen your core, literally and metaphorically speaking is to work out and appreciate your own energy and stamina, the greatness you can achieve on your own. Every successful person will confirm that a strong core eases the way to one’s vision and leads to a bright future. Working out methodically is just the beginning.

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