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Your routine vs. your gym

Are you tired of your workout routine? Do you lack the initial desire and inspiration to work out?

We often interpret this as a "fitness rut." But what if the rut derives from your gym and not from your routine specifically? Visiting the same place day in and day out may become boring after a while, unless the gym owener is imaginative and knows how to keep the facilities interesting. If this is not the case with your gym, visit other gyms in your neighborhood, do your research, get the prices and evaluate whether a change of environment is what will bring back your initial enthusiasm for exercise.




Fitness Buddies

Do you avoid going to the gym because you are bored when exercising by yourself? Grab a friend and convince him or her to complete a work out with you. Even something like the "sitting arms" workout by Tracy Anderson can be fun if you have a friend with you to correct your posture while you are correcting hers.







Change your routine Part II

Did you try the new work out? Here is the second part so that you can continue introducing variety to your workout as often as you can.