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Maintaining your energy

If you have been doing a lot of cardio, you must feel depleted of energy and tired. You may easily hit a plateau as well. In order to move forward, try to reduce your cardio to half the time and substitute with weight training instead. Fuel your body with oatmeal before you hit the gym and intensify your weight training session. Soon you will feel your energy levels up again and your weight loss will be significant as well.




If you are committed to achieving a higher level of fitness, consider exercising twice a day. This is not something that can be maintained in the long run, but for a limited period of time it will not hurt your health. According to experts, the sustained effort to elevate your heart rate more than once during the day increases your metabolism, which in turn burns more fat. Having doubts? Try it first. If it is too much for you, stick to working out once a day.