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Kettlebells Plus

Working with kettlebells is said to promote total body strengthening, balance, and agility. However, this is also a challenging workout and when not performed properly it can be dangerous. If you have someone who knows how to incorporate kettlebells exercises in your training routine or if you are lucky to work out with a trainer who is certified in kettlebells fitness, you should give it a try. As challenging as it is, kettlebells training teaches one about proper posture, alignment, and focus.

Do not attempt these exerices on your own. You can hurt yourself. Also, be wary of "group fitness" classes that incorporate kettlebells in their routine. Because the number of people who attend group fitness classes is great, the instructor does not get a chance to inspect and correct everyone's form. This means that you may end up performing a training routine doing something wrong for an entire hour. It is dangerous and counterproductive. Be equally wary of videos you find online demonstrating that type of exercise. You really need to begin at the beginning with this type of exercise.

With patience and persistence you will be able to follow a sequence like the one in the video here:



(Post by Thomai Serdari)