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Jessica Biel constant inspiration

A few good tips from Jessica Biel's lifestyle:






Jessica Biel and physical training


Even as a teenager on the TV series Seventh Heaven, Jessica Biel was in top form. Among her siblings, she exuded a sporty personality. In the series, Jessica loved baseball and running. She was outgoing and very popular in school.


Real life Jessica Biel seems to be equally interested in sports. She loves working out and she is an expert skier. What is striking about her, besides her sculpted and healthy-looking physique, is her attitude and confidence. Jessica Biel looks like a person who knows what she wants from life and she goes after it. Her career in Hollywood is evidence of what a person can achieve with determination, planning and perseverance.


 I have attached here two videos. One is an interview with Jessica Biel, during which she explains how she can sustain a four-hour workout and still find it fun. That is truly inspiring even if not feasible for most of us, mere mortals.


The second video is a behind the scenes exploration on how actors train before filming action movies. Both videos are entertaining and motivating. I hope you like them.


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