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How do you stay fit?

No one has asked me this question (yet) but this is the one that always comes up when Jennifer Aniston appears on a talk show.

Her answer is simple and straightforward:

1. I work out (every day) doing cardio consistently, preferably a program that includes intervals. I also do weight training, yoga and pilates regularly throughout the week.

2. I eat well. This means eating a balanced diet of vegetables and lean protein with a few complex carbohydrates throughout the day. I don't drink, other than socially. I avoid fatty meats and dairy even though I will indulge once in a while and truly enjoy my food.

3. I sleep at least eight hours at night. Sleep is very important for me.

Yes! This is exactly how Jennifer Aniston defines her fitness routine and the proof is in this video.

Is Jennifer's list too hard to implement all at once? Begin with one of the items on her list and make progress slowly and steadily.


(Post by Thomai Serdari)