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What’s for dinner?

Are your friends pressuring you into tasting that delicious burger again? Remember that it's not just the calories that may harm you and derail you from your good efforts to become fit. It is the type of food you consume. So why not accept the invitation tonight and go out with them? You can after all order a delicious omelette with a side of fresh salad. Eggs are high in filling protein, and contrary to popular belief, they won't raise your cholesterol as much as meat. The best part is that you will be with your friends, enjoy their company, and your healthy and delicious dinner.



(Post by Thomai Serdari)

“Don’t tell me what to eat!”

Sounds familiar? Most probably… try something else: Instead of trying to convince your friends to eat healthier or less, convince them to eat more and more often.


This means that one should probably eat every three hours. Each meal can be around 300 kcal. How about setting one challenge only and agreeing to only eating foods that are natural?  Nothing packaged and nothing pre-prepared.

For more tips watch the following video on nutrition fundamentals that lead to fat loss.



(Post by Thomai Serdari)