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Are gym trainers like gym shoes?

We already discussed a few of the most important questions to ask a trainer before hiring her. Nevertheless, a question remains in many people's minds: what is the value added a trainer brings to my work out?

Trainers offer you yet another tool to work out correctly and efficiently. Think of them as gym shoes! Would you ever work out in anything other than gym shoes? The answer is a resounding no. Similarly, a trainer provides the creativity, stability, and methodological expertise you need to maximize your time at the gym and to work out while avoiding injuries. 

Having said that, remember that the tools offered by your trainer are to put in use even when you are not paying her to work with you. This means that a trainer's work (a good trainer's work) continues even after the package of training sessions has run out. In other words, if the fit between you and your trainer is a good one, you will gain expertise that you will utilize even when working out on your own. The fit between you and your trainer is as important as the fit between you and your gym shoes.



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