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Group Fitness: What Not To Do

The problem with group fitness classes is that they come and go. In their effort to shake things up (literally and figuratively speaking), fitness instructors create new routines constantly. The trends go viral and soon every single gym offers the same group fitness class.

Rather than focusing on whom these classes are really targeting, instructors actively seek to create a buzz around the newest and trendiest offerings. This leads to overcrowded classes. It also leaves gym goers confused because they cannot differentiate between the benefits of one class versus another. Instead of taking the one that would benefit them personally, gym goers end up going to the one that is most popular at the time.

Could gyms provide a new service to advise people on what would be good for them? Or is this too much to ask? Whichever the case, what we would recommend is:

1.    Do your research and speak with the instructor who is giving the class. Find out which muscle groups will be hard at work during the workout.

2.    Be innovative: If you know which areas you would like to improve, go to two different classes per week, rather than the same one twice a week. This way your body will get a more rounded workout.

3.    Take advantage of your talents: do you love to dance? Or do you prefer weight lifting? Is your favorite thing jumping around while listening to loud music? There is a class for every taste. If you take the one that really pleases you, it will help you stick to your exercise routine.

4.    Spend some time interviewing other gym goers about their preferences and the reasons behind their decision to register for a specific class or another.

5.     Have fun! Group fitness is the best opportunity offered at gym clubs everywhere. Usually, group fitness is free and already included in the price of your gym membership.


(Post by Thomai Serdari)