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Group Fitness Inspiration

Here is a little bit of inspiration on a sunny, chilly day along with a warm reggae welcome to a group yoga class.






Kettlebells Plus

Working with kettlebells is said to promote total body strengthening, balance, and agility. However, this is also a challenging workout and when not performed properly it can be dangerous. If you have someone who knows how to incorporate kettlebells exercises in your training routine or if you are lucky to work out with a trainer who is certified in kettlebells fitness, you should give it a try. As challenging as it is, kettlebells training teaches one about proper posture, alignment, and focus.

Do not attempt these exerices on your own. You can hurt yourself. Also, be wary of "group fitness" classes that incorporate kettlebells in their routine. Because the number of people who attend group fitness classes is great, the instructor does not get a chance to inspect and correct everyone's form. This means that you may end up performing a training routine doing something wrong for an entire hour. It is dangerous and counterproductive. Be equally wary of videos you find online demonstrating that type of exercise. You really need to begin at the beginning with this type of exercise.

With patience and persistence you will be able to follow a sequence like the one in the video here:



(Post by Thomai Serdari)




Group Fitness: What Not To Do

The problem with group fitness classes is that they come and go. In their effort to shake things up (literally and figuratively speaking), fitness instructors create new routines constantly. The trends go viral and soon every single gym offers the same group fitness class.

Rather than focusing on whom these classes are really targeting, instructors actively seek to create a buzz around the newest and trendiest offerings. This leads to overcrowded classes. It also leaves gym goers confused because they cannot differentiate between the benefits of one class versus another. Instead of taking the one that would benefit them personally, gym goers end up going to the one that is most popular at the time.

Could gyms provide a new service to advise people on what would be good for them? Or is this too much to ask? Whichever the case, what we would recommend is:

1.    Do your research and speak with the instructor who is giving the class. Find out which muscle groups will be hard at work during the workout.

2.    Be innovative: If you know which areas you would like to improve, go to two different classes per week, rather than the same one twice a week. This way your body will get a more rounded workout.

3.    Take advantage of your talents: do you love to dance? Or do you prefer weight lifting? Is your favorite thing jumping around while listening to loud music? There is a class for every taste. If you take the one that really pleases you, it will help you stick to your exercise routine.

4.    Spend some time interviewing other gym goers about their preferences and the reasons behind their decision to register for a specific class or another.

5.     Have fun! Group fitness is the best opportunity offered at gym clubs everywhere. Usually, group fitness is free and already included in the price of your gym membership.


(Post by Thomai Serdari)

Growing up with Confidence

Do you wish to work out but you lack confidence to start something new? Perhaps the most scary part is to actually begin exercising when you don't know whether you are performing the routine correctly.

Don't let lack of knowledge or lack of confidence stop you. Begin with a group fitness class. Take a couple of your friends with you and sign up for a group fitness class at your closest gym. If this is not an option, agree that you and your friends will meet at your school's gym every afternoon to work out. Improvise. Dance. Move around. Anything is good and the more you do it the greater your confidence will become.


(Post by Thomai Serdari)

Group Fitness

The hardest thing to maintain when on a new fitness program is the motivation to make it to the gym and complete your work out.  It's not fun to work out alone and even relying on your favorite music is not enough.


The best way to work around that problem is to try a group fitness class. This of course requires a gym membership. Most gyms understand the value of group fitness for their clients. You will find a variety of classes and teaching methods in New York City’s fitness centers.


Group fitness is appealing because:

  1. Someone else is in command.  You, the gym go-er, don’t need to do any thinking at all. You just need to show up on time at the designated location at your gym. The instructor will have designed an effective program for you. You just need to follow instructions but there is no need to think about the sequence in which the exercises take place.
  2. The time and location are set months in advance. This does not leave you space for excuses of any kind. You cannot forget, you cannot get confused, and you cannot postpone it either.
  3. It is fun to work out with other people both to be inspired by those who are doing the exercises correctly and to feel good about yourself when compared to those who do not do that great…. such is human nature and we cannot deny it.
  4. Regardless of which gym you attend, you most probably share instructors with other gyms in the area. This way you know you are not missing out in terms of technique and innovation because one instructor teaches at several gyms during the week. You lower fee membership probably reflects the quality of your gym’s facilities but not this of the instructor hired to teach the class.
  5. Most classes, no matter what their name is, are a combination of aerobic and anaerobic exercise. Therefore, they help you elevate your heartbeat while you are also working on your major muscle groups.


These are five good reasons to belong to a gym and to find motivation and good instruction in one of the many free group fitness classes offered there.


(Post by Thomai Serdari)