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The 19 Best Exercises for Women

We were looking for interesting visuals today to match New York City's brilliant sky and we found this colorful and instructional slideshow in Shape magazine. We hope you will try all 19 suggested exercises. Have fun!




Cable exercises

Make your work out more effective by incorporating cable exercises.







Working out effectively

We'll take good advice any day! While we have discusssed effectiveness before, this article is full of tips on how to maximize the impact your work out has on your physical and mental fitness.

Here's to a new week of physical activity!




Heart disease

We associate the words "heart disease" with older people, those who lead an unhealthy life and entertain several unhealthy habits. This is wrong. It has been proven that lack of exercise is linked to higher heart disease rates in children as young as nine years old.

Going to the gym? Take your younger brother or sister along and teach them how to be healthy.




Fitness Buddies

Do you avoid going to the gym because you are bored when exercising by yourself? Grab a friend and convince him or her to complete a work out with you. Even something like the "sitting arms" workout by Tracy Anderson can be fun if you have a friend with you to correct your posture while you are correcting hers.







The power of stretching

As you work on introducing change to your work out routine, think about the benefits you will derive from stretching and dedicate at least 15 minutes to it.

Find out more by reading this article.




Change your routine

Feeling stuck in a rut? Don't delay. Find something new to do. It only takes a second.






Fitness is fun

Want some proof that fitness after school can be fun? Watch the following video and think of what you can do to empower your friends and classmates to work out with you.






Strong core for men and women

One of the greatest misunderstandings in fitness is that men and women need different exercises. The rationale is that women don't want to bulk up as much as men do. According to experts this is not possible–except for professional bodybuilders and even there the differences between men and women are significant. In fact, it is beneficial for both sexes to exchange tips and fitness routines and even more beneficial for women to follow men's lead in weight training. To practice what we preach, we recommend following these core exercises published in Men's Fitness.




Sore muscles

You began a weight training program with great enthusiasm and now your muscles are extremely sore. What's next? Keep going with a different type of exercise but certainly do not let the muscle soreness discourage you from exercising. Take it easy while keeping consistent with your fitness regime.

To understand what creates muscle soreness and what that means for your body ready this article and keep in mind that "[a]nyone can get cramps or DOMS, from weekend warriors to elite athletes," according to experts. "The muscle discomfort is simply a symptom of using your muscles and placing stresses on them that are leading to adaptations to make them stronger and better able to perform the task the next time."