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Does Heidi Klum have the power to motivate you to work out?

It was announced today that New Balance teamed up with Heidi Klum who promised to upgrade the brand's profile by designing an active-wear line of cottons and silks. The super-model, and Project Runway star, is also a busy mother. She claims that even she has to worry about looking chic while comfortable in her active lifestyle. Her line is designed with every body in mind. So here is the question to you: can Heidi Klum motivate you to be physically active and get to the gym on a regular basis? If not Heidi, then what motivates you?

We are seriously looking for answers here at “Gym Memberships for Teens Inc.” Feel free to leave your response as a comment to the blog or write on our Wall on Facebook. We would love to hear from you and we would specifically love to know what motivates people to get to the gym.

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