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Summer splash!

Take a cue from Dara Torres and make a splash this weekend… the temperatures are rising again!


(Photo courtesy of Shape Magazine)


Improve your swimming performance

The secret to a better performance in the pool seems to be more stretching outside the water rather than more laps in the water. Watch the video below to learn how elongated muscles have helped top athletes break the record.








Training with Dara Torres

Today I was talking to a friend about her 8-year old daughter's progress in swimming. The discussion made me so happy (Christina is getting to be an avid swimmer) that I searched for inspiration from my favorite American athlete, Dara Torres.

The video I am posting here describes how Dara prepares for competitive swimming. For those who think that such dreams are not attainable, just remember that Dara was just a girl from Long Island. She achieved everything thanks to her determination and persistent preparation.




(Post by Thomai Serdari)