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Determination feeds motivation

During our search for professionals who would like to collaborate with Work Out-Work Up Inc. and support our effort to introduce teenagers to fitness, we meet many people: gym owners, fitness enthusiasts, and of course, trainers. 

Swann Cardot, a dancer, fitness expert/model, and bodybuilder has given us plenty a tip for more effective workouts and most importantly plenty of inspitation. To learn more about Swann visit


Courtesy Jay Sullivan Photography

Wouldn't you girls want to look like Swann? She insists all you need is determination and a good plan. Once you start seeing how strong you become with every work out, your motivation to reach new levels of fitness will soar.



Working out in the winter


When the weather is as brutal as it is today in New York City, our options for a good work out are limited. Still, there are a few things one can do to get the blood going.

Option #1: Dress warmly (really warmly–in layers) and go out in the park for a long walk. The secret is not to stall but to keep a brisk pace. Central Park is still covered in snow and ice. While certain parts can be treacherous, if you have the right shoes you can take a friend with you and walk all around the park. This is a great work out.

Option #2: Start with your gym clothes and add layers. Make it to the gym. Yes, cold weather is no excuse to skip the gym if you are so lucky to have a gym membership. Once inside, do a little bit of cardio to get the blood flowing and to get you in the mood. The rest should be fun.

Option #3: Lacking the energy to dress in layers, you decide to stay home. That is perfectly fine, as long as you invite a couple of your friends/classmates and proceed with the following three tasks: a. Clean the living room; b. Watch the video below and dance to the music. Continue dancing for one to two hours.; c. When finished, open the living room windows for a good fifteen minutes to air the room (yes, even if it is cold) and put the furniture back in their place. It is fun!




(Post by Thomai Serdari)





Dance, Zumba, and Fitness

Jim, a good friend of mine, stopped by my office today to wish me a good start for the new academic year. His class is on Wednesday, mine is on Thursday and we both enjoy meeting each other to chat on any day.  Jim is well into his seventies and while he has always showed interest in all my projects, he is particularly interested in this not-for-profit. I suppose this is the case because Jim is a dedicated dancer, a modern dancer. He meets his group twice a week for an hour and a half, usually in the late morning or early afternoon and trains diligently and consistently. I cannot imagine him, a tall and lanky guy, ever having had any type of weight problems. He had once told me that what motivated him to join the dance class and seek out physical exercise was the loss of flexibility with age, a feeling familiar to many. The question that remains is what motivates him to stick with his exercise regime. After the initial decision was made, a decision on a purely cognitive level, he could have quit. But Jim loves the challenge each class has to offer and he loves the sensation in his legs the day after, a sensation that feels almost like a pat on his back: “You did well Jim! You danced beautifully.” He even admitted to loving “graduating” to groups for advanced dancers, a method the teacher employs to keep everyone on their toes (pun intended) and interested. Zumba fitness dancing anyone?

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