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Bootcamp in the city

It's the summer, we are in New York City. What's a better alternative than exercising in Central Park? Here is a brief video of how people adapt their exercise routine to the outdoors.






Cross Country Skiing in New York’s Central Park

When the mounts of snow become a permanent fixture in the city grid, you know you have very good chances to enjoy an adventurous day in the heart of Central Park. Call two or three of your friends, rent the appropriate number of skis and poles and make plans to meet in Central Park.


Cross-country skiing is challenging but it is very rewarding both as a cardiovascular exercise and as a “bonding with friends” experience.


There are a few things to keep in mind for everyone’s safety and fun:


1. Start small. Find a nice stretch in the park that is relatively open and not populated with too many people.

2. Keep it interesting. Create a challenge for you and your friends and set a destination point to which you should arrive within a certain amount of time.

3. Make it adventurous. Don’t follow the easiest path but rather the most challenging, one that will have you work hard and think hard (how can I circumvent that huge rock without getting hurt?)

4. Venture out. Considering that you choose a relatively easy first stretch, move on to a new location. You have warmed up already and you have good command of your skis and poles. Set another challenge for you and your friends.

5. When you finish visit the local recreation stand. Is there hot chocolate? That’s all you need along with a pat on the back for having organized a fabulous treat for your group. Enjoy the chocolate while you organize your next outdoors fitness venture: if the snow is still around next weekend, you may want to repeat. If the weather has improved considerably, we will propose a different outdoors activity that is fun and rewarding.


(Post by Thomai Serdari)