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Resting and circuit training

No one has time for longer workout sessions, especially now that schools are about to open. Homework, social activities, and family time are equally important. How can you optimize the time you spend at the gym?

Instead of taking a minute to rest between sets of strength training, do some cardio. You have plenty of options, such as jogging in place, doing step-ups, or jumping rope. Do this "flash" cardio for a minute between sets and then move on to the next strength training exercise. 

The outcome: You will burn more calories during and after your workout.




Lunges and squats

If Bob Harper can make unfit people fit with lunges and squats, why can't you try them on your own?






Maintaining your energy

If you have been doing a lot of cardio, you must feel depleted of energy and tired. You may easily hit a plateau as well. In order to move forward, try to reduce your cardio to half the time and substitute with weight training instead. Fuel your body with oatmeal before you hit the gym and intensify your weight training session. Soon you will feel your energy levels up again and your weight loss will be significant as well.



Change is good

Feeling a little stuck with your exercise routine? Changing is easier than you think. Instead of repeating your old cardio routine begin with a brief and intense weight training session. This would imply that you know how to use the weight machines or free weights properly. If you don't, find a floor attendant at your gym and ask them to quickly show you the proper technique.

Miss your cardio? Add an interval session right after you finish with your weights. You will feel more energetic and time will go by quickly.