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Let's say you are 15 years old and life is not particularly easy for you. You have a lot of friends but it seems that everyone in town belongs to this one or other particular group of friends and that the groups do not get along together. Sounds familiar?

Oh, I forgot to mention that it is probably sometime in the 1700s and you are in Brazil. The only means you have to defend yourself is your agility, cleverness, and strength. Weapons are not allowed. You have also figured out that there is more satisfaction to proving your prowess in physical strength than demonstrating force in any other way.

What do you do then? You practice Capoeira. The more  you practice the better you become. Also, with time and practice you get to like it more as do all the others who practice with you, either within the same group or the rival one.

Fast forward to 2011: Capoeira is a great form of physical exercise, of bonding, and of getting to know yourself.  Have you tried it yet?



(Post by Thomai Serdari)