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Boot Camp for beginners


Courtesy of Shape Magazine


There is nothing more inspiring than a fitness Boot Camp. Most people get to join a group with the illusion that the drills are easy. The truth is that they look relatively easy because we are used to watching people in the movies doing things that require advanced levels of fitness. Also, the lack of gym equipment tricks one into thinking that the exercises should feel natural to everyone. Perhaps they should. But the truth is that Boot Camp is tough. It is also highly rewarding. Make sure you read Shape Magazine's article to get good advice on what to do to turn your Boot Camp experience into a positive and much gratifying one.


Get inspired

Move to the outdoors and start moving!





Tracy Anderson Boot Camp in New York City


What’s your motivation in life? Empathy? Competition? Whichever the case, the video I have attached here brings out both.


4:24 minutes of Tracy Anderson’s boot camp in New York City will make you want to try it. If not anything else, just to prove that you can.  Warning: Boot camps are tough!


I tried one a couple of years ago at Equinox. An hour has never felt so long before. But it was worth it. There is a great sense of accomplishment with knowing that if you were thrown on a deserted island and Martians were after you, you could indeed survive because of your agility, strength, and speed. These are great attributes to have. I wonder why we all forget about them in every day life.


Needless to say, the conditioning is intense but the results last only for as long as one keeps exercising. It is time for me to return to boot camp.




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