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Fitness for Swimming

When we choose to train in specific sports, let’s say swimming, we are often under the impression that all the training takes place while performing that particular sport. For example in swimming, one thinks that all training takes place in the pool.


Think about the most important traits a good swimmer should possess. These are:


1. Power/Strength

2. Co-ordination

3. Agility

4. Muscle as well as aerobic endurance

5. Reaction time (Balance)


We have discussed each one of them in different entries. For example, boot camp exercises we had posted here increase your power and both your muscle and aerobic endurance. The drills that most soccer players follow allow them to improve their coordination, agility, and balance. Pilates is proven to improve all of the aforementioned skills.


As you can see, liking one sport does not necessarily mean practicing only during the time allotted to that sport. If you are good at basketball and wish to improve your game, spending time at the gym performing focused exercises that would improve your reaction time, agility, and acceleration would greatly benefit you.


In the end, making that trip to the gym will allow you to discover a whole lot about yourself and about your abilities as a swimmer, soccer player, basketball champion or tennis star. Fitness is the key word here, rather than swimming. Have you hit the gym yet?


(Post by Thomai Serdari)


Training for basketball

Do you dream of becoming the next NBA star? How about getting better at basketball and helping your team win? Do you like the sense of accomplishment when your team wins? 

There is a way to improve your game and it does not involve watching  games on TV for hours. The safest way to victory is to train daily. You need to get into plyometrics. This means increase your balance through complicated footwork drills. 

If you incorporate plyometrics in your training you will be able to produce fast, powerful movements. Plyometrics is a great form of exercise known to improve the functions of the nervous system, which generally improves performance in sports.




(Post by Thomai Serdari)