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When was the last time you competed against yourself? What goals have you set for yourself? Working out makes setting and reaching goals easier.




When to take a break

Have you been working hard at your routine but don't see results yet? Take a break. Skip the gym and call up your best friend for a day or evening of fun. Relax and take it easy. When you retun to the gym the day after you will be revitalized. Better yet, you will feel the benefits of your exercise routine immediately. Have a great weekend!





Clean eating

What is it exactly? Clean eating implies cutting out preservatives and chemicals our bodies cannot process. Instead, one should choose foods that:

  • Have no fake flavoring
  • Contain no preservatives
  • Have no more then 5 or 6 ingredients
  • Are close to their natural state: An apple looks the same as it does hanging off a tree, but French fries look nothing like a potato.
  • Contain no ingredients you can’t pronounce or recognize
  • Don’t make you feel gassy, bloated or full
  • Don’t list sugar as the main ingredient or in the top three

All it takes is 30 secs of thinking before eating something. Soon, your new habits will become second nature.




Future concerns

If you were given the power to make your children and grandchildren healthier in the future what would you do today? The answer is simple: You already have the power and the power is in you. Start working out today!



It’s easy

Courtesy of Swann Cardot



Smart is cool

It's easy to be cool in school: Just skip the sugary drinks that everyone is drinking and go for your own power smoothie. In a reusable water bottle, add a spoonful of your favorite flavor  of whey powder. When time comes for your drink, add cold water and shake well. Your drink is not just cooler than everybody else's but it is also smarter: It keeps you strong and focused while making you feel full. 




Getting strong

Working out makes you strong. It helps you think clearly. It helps you focus. Yes, it comes with health benefits as well….

Here is a guide for getting stronger from Men's Fitness Magazine.



Shoulders & back exercises

Here is a great demonstration video with Swann Cardot and Tyrone Gardner. As you can see even the most accomplished athletes use simple movements. The secret is to pay attention to your form, gradually increase the weight you lift, and work out in circuits.






Jumping lunges

This looks easy… have you tried it? It is much harder than you think but very beneficial. It is worth a try.





What to leave behind

Are you already following a solid workout regime but find it hard to reach your desired level of fitness? Perhaps you should stop thinking about it. Forget about calories consumed and forget about the scale. Listen to your body for cues of hunger and eat as much as you need to satisfy your hunger. Try to make as many healthy choices as possible and try to intensify your workouts. You will soon see results and become motivated to try harder.