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Hiring a trainer

Ideally, you would hire a trainer through your gym (if you belong to one). This is because trainers who work at an established gym are insured and certified. This means that the chances of you getting injured are minimized since certification guarantees depth of knowledge on fitness and physical exercise issues.

If you are looking for a trainer to work with you privately, there are several issues to consider and a few questions to ask before you agree on the terms of hire. You would like to know what the trainer's certifications are, whether she/he is fully insured, how long has she/he been in the business, how is she/he going to measure your progress and results, and what are her/his rates and terms.

Even when you get all the right answers, don't forget to consider whether there is a good match between the two of you in terms of personality and attitude. Most importantly, don't forget to set concrete goals at the beginning of the collaboration so that both of you are accountable.




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