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Boot Camp for beginners


Courtesy of Shape Magazine


There is nothing more inspiring than a fitness Boot Camp. Most people get to join a group with the illusion that the drills are easy. The truth is that they look relatively easy because we are used to watching people in the movies doing things that require advanced levels of fitness. Also, the lack of gym equipment tricks one into thinking that the exercises should feel natural to everyone. Perhaps they should. But the truth is that Boot Camp is tough. It is also highly rewarding. Make sure you read Shape Magazine's article to get good advice on what to do to turn your Boot Camp experience into a positive and much gratifying one.


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Comments (2)

  1. If “boot camp” comes into your mind, I think that it relatively gives you the notion that it is a tough place to be. No matter what reason why you’re at boot camp or what kind of boot camp it is, surviving it would always be rewarding at the end.

  2. We couldn’t agree more. What you are suggesting is that one needs to be both physically and mentally prepared to go through rigorous exercise and that in the end, the satisfaction of having accomplished something challenging is major. Thank you for following our blog!

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