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Shoulders & back exercises

Here is a great demonstration video with Swann Cardot and Tyrone Gardner. As you can see even the most accomplished athletes use simple movements. The secret is to pay attention to your form, gradually increase the weight you lift, and work out in circuits.






Jumping lunges

This looks easy… have you tried it? It is much harder than you think but very beneficial. It is worth a try.





What to leave behind

Are you already following a solid workout regime but find it hard to reach your desired level of fitness? Perhaps you should stop thinking about it. Forget about calories consumed and forget about the scale. Listen to your body for cues of hunger and eat as much as you need to satisfy your hunger. Try to make as many healthy choices as possible and try to intensify your workouts. You will soon see results and become motivated to try harder.




Fitness in history

If nothing else can make you take up a sport or go to the gym, how about a trip to the Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology? A survey of sporting clothing will leave you in awe of how much effort goes into designing the perfect clothing for exercise. It would be a pity to let it go to waste.

Old fashioned tennis
Courtesy of the Powerhouse Museum

Compare the outfits on these three young ladies holding tennis racquets to the much more comfortable but also fashionable outfit by Norma Kamali from the 1980s.

Norma Kamali
Courtesy of the Museum at FIT

No matter what you think of it, the truth is that exercising makes you look confident and contributes to your good looks.




Side lunges

Everyone has one or two favorite moves. We decided to begin sharing ours with you. If you have any favorites, do post a comment here or email us at: to share it with the entire community.

One of our most favorites is the side lunge. It works your abs, obliques, and butt. Extra bonus: It can be performed anywhere.





Tricep dips

This exercise is great not only because it builds muscle in one of your arm's less trained spots but also because it can be done anywhere. This means that you can perform a set of tricep dips either at the gym or at home or park, using a low but sturdy surface to support your weight.