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Iron girl


From time to time, we all complain about how difficult it is to be fit. Sometimes we lack motivation, others inspiration. Yet, there are so many organizations and businesses that are ready to support you. Are you the next iron girl?






Working on your image



What we like about how Kristin McGee looks in this pose is her flexibility and strength.  An image of health is a beautiful image.



Athletes as role models

While doing research on why we admire athletes, I stumbled upon a blog on grammar and why it is important. The author makes a very effective analogy between a grammatically correct sentence and an athlete. I quote directly from the author's text:

[…] An athlete […] moves toward a goal, wasting no motion. [He] focuses on what is important. [He] has rhythm. In a skillful athlete we admire the unity and clarity of his purpose, the economy, focus, and rhythm of his movement.

What a great analogy and how true to how athletes think.



Back to school

Back to school means back to fitness for everyone in the family. The secret to success on both fronts? Organization. Create a schedule for your daily activities (including your homework) and learn a new sport step by step. Better yet, convince your best friend to follow you in this renewed commitment to fitness. Extra bonus: the more organized you get, the extra time you have for fun activities.



Your footwear and performance

We know that choosing the right pair of shoes is paramount in fitness. This is the best way to avoid injuries and maintain your comfort no matter how hard your work out is.

But did you know that socks are equally important? We have found that Smartwool socks are the best: they are made of a durable wool blend that keeps your feet dry and have extra cushioning to give you support and an additional bout of energy. They are certainly pricey but one pair goes a long way–in fact, Smartwool products last for years. 




I will repeat something I learned from Amie Hoff, Fitness Consultant and Entrepreneur: Change it up, if you want to get FITT= Frequency, Intensity, Time, or Type.

Her advice? Increase at least one every week by 10%.




Challenge of the week

Have you tried to walk with your hands on the treadmill? This is a great exercise both for cardiovascular training and core strengthening. Here is a demonstration from





Jog to your own tune

Everyone's cardio routine becomes boring from time to time, especially when one exercises at the gym. Not only do we repeat the same old sequences out of habit but the music at the gym does not help either. promises almost as much as a real workout partner does.

In addition, songs are searchable by title, artist, genre and even by the pace of your running, walking, or cycling! This is translated to beats per minute in order to narrow song choices and make it easier for you. Get your playlist ready and revitalize your cardio.



Back pain, now what?

Your enthusiasm for exercise pushed you over your limits and you find yourself with lower back pain. Don't despair but also don't work out for a few days. Weight lifting is out of the question and cardio should be avoided as well. 


Take a look at Network Health's advice and remember that this is an ailment common to old and young alike. 



Lunges and squats

If Bob Harper can make unfit people fit with lunges and squats, why can't you try them on your own?