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Summer splash!

Take a cue from Dara Torres and make a splash this weekend… the temperatures are rising again!


(Photo courtesy of Shape Magazine)


Think like a bodybuilder

The difference between a bodybuilder and everyone else is the way she thinks. Yes, perfecting weight lifting techniques and improving muscle definition are also important differences. But while everyone else is going to the gym and going "through the motions," a bodybuilder hits the gym with a specific goal in mind and a well defined plan of action. Who finishes the workout with greater success? 



What’s your fitness level?

We thought you would enjoy using this fit-o-meter to assess what you have accomplished and what you need to change. There is only one rule: no cheating!



Personal milestones

What are some of the milestones you have set and achieved? What are you working on right now? Increasing your endurance? Your flexibility? The number of sets or repetitions during your weight training routine? Let us know by leaving a comment below. By sharing your success, you will inspire others.



Stretching by the pool

For those of you who can access a pool, here are a few stretching exercises before you actually dive into the water.






Day off with stretching

To avoid working out in the heat and to feel good about doing something even on your days off, follow the flexibility exercises suggested in the video below:



Jessica Biel constant inspiration

A few good tips from Jessica Biel's lifestyle:






Support network

Do you often feel that your efforts to improve your fitness are sabotaged by the people who are close to you? Your best friend, your brother, or even your parents are making it really difficult for you to stick to what you are doing. Their own bad habits and undermining of your efforts is destructive and hurtful. Even worse, the stress they induce on you makes you want to curl up on the couch in front of the TV with a lot of food–and by the way, you are not in the mood to talk to anyone, let alone go to the gym.

This is a huge problem admittedly and it keeps happening. There are solutions, however:

a. If you have the time and strength, volunteer to do the shopping for the family. Make up the list of things you know are healthy for you, your siblings, and your parents. Suggest this as a well-meaning gesture that will take some pressure off your parents who usually do the shopping. You may be surprised with the results.

b. Organize an afternoon with friends at your school's playground, or the nearest park, and invite your siblings. Show them how much fun it is to work out and how badly you want to get fit.

c. Take a good look at your family: are they healthy or do you feel that your lack of interest in exercise stems primarily from their own habits? If they are healthy, and as much as some of their comments may hurt, remember that they mean well and that it is up to you to fuel your work out with the frustration you feel every time they criticize you. If they are unhealthy, you don't even need to react. Explain to them that change is not easy but that you are trying your best. You can also reassure them that you still love them (your family or friends) even if you are going through change. Your feelings for them do not change, regardless of how fit you are. They have nothing to worry about.

Good luck!



Live Strong

When it comes to good advice on efficient work outs, we turn to the experts. On, we learned everything we needed about a double work out: how it can be done, what the benefits are, and what to avoid. Do you have a little bit of extra time this summer? This may be a good way to take advantage of it and get yourself into shape.



Maintaining your energy

If you have been doing a lot of cardio, you must feel depleted of energy and tired. You may easily hit a plateau as well. In order to move forward, try to reduce your cardio to half the time and substitute with weight training instead. Fuel your body with oatmeal before you hit the gym and intensify your weight training session. Soon you will feel your energy levels up again and your weight loss will be significant as well.