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Train like a fighter

"Train like a fighter" means to train with determination and commitment. But it also means a few simple things such as performing every exercise as a compound movement. This method engages lots of muscle at multiple joints, helping increase your energy expenditure remarkably. For examples of workout routines, click here.




Rise and shine

We are convinced that working out twice a day dramatically improves your performance, not to mention your mood. In addition, we are researching the benefits of morning exercise and found that among other things, a workout in the am helps you sleep better in the pm. Calculate the long-term benefits of such side effect and try it for yourself.




Happy Flag Day

Celebrate with Kristin McGee as she demonstrates a "flag day pose."







If you are committed to achieving a higher level of fitness, consider exercising twice a day. This is not something that can be maintained in the long run, but for a limited period of time it will not hurt your health. According to experts, the sustained effort to elevate your heart rate more than once during the day increases your metabolism, which in turn burns more fat. Having doubts? Try it first. If it is too much for you, stick to working out once a day.




Making time and space for exercise

We are not concerned with physical space and how to re-arrange your furniture to make space for your work out. This is something you can easily solve on your own or with the help of friends. The most important element that helps you stick to your fitness routine is to make time and space for it in your life. This means that if you are serious about exercise you need to give it the time and priority level it deserves.

Summer time is easier for a renewed commitment to exercise because your school work or work load is usually decreased compared with the rest of the year. Use this as an opportunity to upgrade your commitment to fitness as your number one priority, immediately after the basic necessities of life. It is a matter of prioritization. It is a matter of commitment. It is a matter of attitude.



Active and safe

Here is additional information on how to exercise safely during the summer heat.




Heat waves and exercise

If you belong to a gym that is air conditioned,  you may continue working out no matter how high the temperatures are. But make sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day and while exercising.

If you workout outdoors, you may want to consider shifting your workout to a time of the day when temperatures are cooler. If this is not an option, you are better off skipping the cardio and having a longer stretching session at home.

Whatever you do, drink plenty of water.




Are you inspired to work out but don't know where to begin? There are several areas one can work on and these are:

  • flexibility
  • strength
  • posture
  • balance
  • coordination
  • cardiovascular health
  • muscle strength
  • muscle endurance

Follow our blog and the exercises we give on each one of these categories. Soon, you will feel like a natural among other fitness enthusiasts.




Get inspired

Move to the outdoors and start moving!





My plate according to USDA

Working out is fun but we often sabotage our own efforts by eating either too much or too much of the wrong foods. Even the USDA decided to change the guidelines for proper nutrition. If you have not looked at it carefully yet, here is a video that explains how we should be thinking about our serving portions.