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Ready for action

Are you convinced that you need to make changes to your workout? Don't wait until tomorrow. Instead, give yourself 45 minutes today and follow a routine that will boost your confidence and will have you return to the gym for another set of exercises tomorrow. When you know things are not working, the best strategy is action.



Cable exercises

Make your work out more effective by incorporating cable exercises.







Gwyneth Paltrow fitness routine

What we retain from the following video (regardless of who the trainer is) is that Gwyneth Paltrow works out six days a week. As Paltrow says "there is no free ride" in looking good.




Training like a pro

Here is an upbeat and inspiring video clip showcasing Caroline Wozniacki while training on the court. Notice how she builds up on her strength slowly.





Circuit training

Another weekend ahead: Try something new and challenging! First, learn all you can about circuit training and then try it.







A great benefit of being involved with physical training, sports and exercise is the people one meets along the way. One person who continuously provides fresh ideas to Work Out-Work Up Inc. is Amie Hoff. Amie is a fitness consultant dedicated to changing people's lives and she is based in NYC. For us, she has been a fount of information and a great source of inspiration. Thanks Amie!



Exercise and your lower back

Have you been stretching after your workout to relieve and restore the muscles that did most of the work? That is great. You may have noticed however that after a few days of intense exercise your lower back begins to hurt. This is because your lower back muscles are directly related to your front hip flexors, abs, and glutes. If you have been neglecting these muscles when stretching you will soon feel it in your lower back. Read as much as you can about the physiology of the lower back and include stretching exercises to prevent lower back pain.



Your cravings and your health

Are you moderating your food cravings with prudence? Or have you taken an "all or nothing" approach? If the latter, you may be in for some negative, and waist-expanding surprises tells us nutritionist Nancy Clark. Remember that cravings are not addictions. If you crave a certain food, your body may have good reasons for wanting it. Controlling the quantity you consume is a totally different question.



Fitness equals health

If you are still doubting the benefits of regular exercise, look at this picture of Ana Ivanovic from a pre-Wimbledon celebration in London. She radiates health and strength. What can be more inspiring than that?


Courtesy of Women's Wear Daily




Is coaching the right choice for you? Only you can tell. But if you feel you are reaching dangerous levels of calorie or fat intake and you have lost your motivation to work out, maybe it is time to seek out counseling. You may find a coach in your best friend who is an athlete and seems to have the right words to educate and motivate you. Or you may find a coach in a trainer at the gym, if she is willing to give more than just track the number of your reps. Finally, if you can afford it and don't think anyone in your immediate environment can help, you should consider a limited number of appointments with a professional coach.