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How to find the perfect gym

You have a strong desire to work out and yet, you cannot make up your mind on which gym to choose. This is an important decision and you must tread carefully. We have been there several times and in fact, there is nothing wrong with changing gyms every few years or so. To help you make the right move, we suggest you read this article.




Shoes for your work out

Plenty of sleep, good nutrition, and good shoes determine how much energy you have during the day and how well you perform your tasks. Shoes, in particular, are the determining factor of an efficient, accident-free work out.

Learn which shoes are appropriate for the type of exercise you perform and invest in a good pair. It should last you for a good six to nine months (if you work out five days a week).



Taking time off

Too tired with schoolwork and family chores? Take a day off but do it during the week, when you are the busiest and most tired. This way you will not associate fitness with feelings of stress or see it as yet another chore. Having the drive to work out daily is great but sometimes adding too much onto your schedule will leave you tired, exhausted, and resentful. Take matters into your own hands instead and declare Wednesday or Thursday as your day off. Finish your schoolwork and chores and return to your workout routine with enthusiasm.




Prasara Yoga

I am not well educated on the various yoga styles and philosophies. When I heard that a lot of men prefer prasara yoga to other styles, I realized that I had never heard of prasara. From what I discoverd so far, I retain that prasara yoga is an integrated approach to mental and physical fitness.

Here is one of the poses that facilitate flow of movement:






Your routine vs. your gym

Are you tired of your workout routine? Do you lack the initial desire and inspiration to work out?

We often interpret this as a "fitness rut." But what if the rut derives from your gym and not from your routine specifically? Visiting the same place day in and day out may become boring after a while, unless the gym owener is imaginative and knows how to keep the facilities interesting. If this is not the case with your gym, visit other gyms in your neighborhood, do your research, get the prices and evaluate whether a change of environment is what will bring back your initial enthusiasm for exercise.




Family plans for gym memberships

The cost of a gym membership is substantial and it certainly adds up to an already overstretched budget. Are you part of a big family? Is cost one of the reasons you don't exercise? Discuss family plans with your neighborhood gym. Very few gyms offer that option right now but it is worth discussing it with the gym owner.




Four-legged fitness buddies

You asked all your friends to come with you to the gym or to the park to work out with you but no one is interested. Don't quit yet! Ask your neighbor or friend to allow you to walk his/her dog once a day and explore all the trails in the park with your new canine friend. Soon you will be walking at a fast pace for at least an hour a day. Added bonus: you will have fun.





Fitness Buddies

Do you avoid going to the gym because you are bored when exercising by yourself? Grab a friend and convince him or her to complete a work out with you. Even something like the "sitting arms" workout by Tracy Anderson can be fun if you have a friend with you to correct your posture while you are correcting hers.







The power of stretching

As you work on introducing change to your work out routine, think about the benefits you will derive from stretching and dedicate at least 15 minutes to it.

Find out more by reading this article.




Change your routine Part II

Did you try the new work out? Here is the second part so that you can continue introducing variety to your workout as often as you can.