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Get healthy by doing good

Self magazine's team has some great tips for you to become healthier while you help others achieve the same goal. What are you waiting for? Begin your good deeds today!



Warrior Pose

Kristin McGee encourages us to strike a "Warrior Pose" in honor of Memorial Day.







“Killer Queen”

Still looking for inspiration? Watch this:







Partner training

We have discussed it before, and we will insist on this point: if you have a hard time motivating yourself to work out, partner with your significant other or simply a friend and hit the gym together. Several studies have confirmed that the probability of sticking to your exercise routine and of exerting greater effort during exercise increases if you train with a friend. Pick your partner and make a commitment to work out together.




Countdown to Prom!

Follow Dr. Wu's advice on healthy preparations before the big day. If you have been working out regularly,  you must be feeling pretty good about yourself. In case you have been skipping your work-outs, it is never too late to start. Go for a run the day before the prom and get that extra boost of confidence for your celebration. Have fun!!



Track it!

Want to make sure you are putting in the energy required to achieve your desired level of fitness? These tools will help you do exactly that.




Working out effectively

We'll take good advice any day! While we have discusssed effectiveness before, this article is full of tips on how to maximize the impact your work out has on your physical and mental fitness.

Here's to a new week of physical activity!




Creative work-outs

Going up the stairs at my  gym, I was greeted by a group of young women chased up and down the stairs by a deep-voiced and stern trainer. The gym is already large enough and has everything one needs to work out. Yet, the trainer was imaginative enough to take advantage of the additional real estate of the stairwell and turn a simple routine into an all-over work out. 

Follow his strategy and find ways to intensify your own work out, regardless of whether you train at home or at the gym.



Heart disease

We associate the words "heart disease" with older people, those who lead an unhealthy life and entertain several unhealthy habits. This is wrong. It has been proven that lack of exercise is linked to higher heart disease rates in children as young as nine years old.

Going to the gym? Take your younger brother or sister along and teach them how to be healthy.




Quieting the mind

Overwhelmed with projects, ideas, and responsibilities? Try this.