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Music fit for your workouts

In search of inspiration? Craving that firm and gentle push that will have you begin an effective workout routine? Music is the best "pick-me-up" and a great motivator for exercise.

Take a look at the list of workout songs that will keep you happy and energetic during your fitness routine.




Spring walking

Finally,  we are able to enjoy good weather in New York City. The first thing that comes to mind as I glance out my window is how inviting the park looks. Magnolias, quince, and cherry trees are all in bloom while fresh green growth dots every single branch. Can you think of anything better than working out outdoors?

What you will need is a good pair of walking/running shoes, layers of light pieces of clothing, and lots of energy. To maximize the benefits of your exercise, prepare by reading this article by Jennipher Walters.




April showers and your workout

We set out to provide gym memberships to teenagers who live in New York City and have no other opportunities to work out. Still, the option of working out in Central Park is always present for New Yorkers. But what if one has to deal with April showers? How does one stick to the work out without getting discouraged by the unfriendly weather conditions?

We insist that if you love to exercise, you will find ways to adjust no matter what the weather conditions are. Don't you agree?




Sports drinks

As the weather warms up and the fresh green invites you to an outdoors workout, make sure you hydrate adequately and often. To give you the best advice on what to do, we turned to the experts.

Make sure you begin your fitness regime informed and prepared.



Last chance

We have already discussed how setting goals that expire in time might help you stick to your workout routine. For those of you who need an extra push of motivation, think of Bob Harper's difficult workouts as a "last chance" to proving to yourself that you've got what it takes to become fit and healthy. 

You may want to read this short article from Self magazine on Bob Harper's method and pick up a few good tips along the way. 

Or you may want to check out a short clip of Bob's DVD.

Whatever you do stay motivated and stay active. It's fun!



Rules of the Game

As days get longer and enthusiasm for physical activity builds up, the danger for sports injuries increases. It is important not to overdo it. Build up your strength and you will soon reward yourself with superior performance. Prepare at home with research on the sport you practice and follow the rules of the game. Read material with expert advice on the prevention and proper treatment of all types of sports-related injuries. The more informed you are, the safer your game will be.



That Teen Show

Short and to the point:





Spring calls for fitness

What's your excuse for not working out? Is it that you don't have a trainer to guide you through the exercises? The truth is that very few people can afford to work out with a trainer. Most gym goers do their homework before hand and memorize which exercises are good for them. You can come to the gym either with flash cards that describe your favorite routines and define the number of sets and repetitions or with a recording on your MP3 player that describes the routine in a similar fashion.

One great routine to memorize and performa at the gym is the following:






I was in middle school when the TV series "Fame" was at its peak. In Greece, where I grew up, it aired every Sunday,  early in the evening. I came across a re-run today on Ovation TV and other than bringing back memories, the series made me think about my generation and our aspirations. We were totally taken by the story because it portrayed people who were solid academically and who, despite their individual difficulties, were also working very hard toward their dream of achieving fame in the performing arts. Needless to say, being physically active was as integral to their life as breathing.  Is there such an inspiring TV series today? 





April Fool’s Day

Fitness should be fun!