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Fitness is fun

Want some proof that fitness after school can be fun? Watch the following video and think of what you can do to empower your friends and classmates to work out with you.






Strong core for men and women

One of the greatest misunderstandings in fitness is that men and women need different exercises. The rationale is that women don't want to bulk up as much as men do. According to experts this is not possible–except for professional bodybuilders and even there the differences between men and women are significant. In fact, it is beneficial for both sexes to exchange tips and fitness routines and even more beneficial for women to follow men's lead in weight training. To practice what we preach, we recommend following these core exercises published in Men's Fitness.




Sore muscles

You began a weight training program with great enthusiasm and now your muscles are extremely sore. What's next? Keep going with a different type of exercise but certainly do not let the muscle soreness discourage you from exercising. Take it easy while keeping consistent with your fitness regime.

To understand what creates muscle soreness and what that means for your body ready this article and keep in mind that "[a]nyone can get cramps or DOMS, from weekend warriors to elite athletes," according to experts. "The muscle discomfort is simply a symptom of using your muscles and placing stresses on them that are leading to adaptations to make them stronger and better able to perform the task the next time."




Change is good

Feeling a little stuck with your exercise routine? Changing is easier than you think. Instead of repeating your old cardio routine begin with a brief and intense weight training session. This would imply that you know how to use the weight machines or free weights properly. If you don't, find a floor attendant at your gym and ask them to quickly show you the proper technique.

Miss your cardio? Add an interval session right after you finish with your weights. You will feel more energetic and time will go by quickly.




Times to exercise

When is the best time to exercise? Since each person is different there is no right or wrong time to exercise. We each have our own preferences and we may be more energetic in the morning, mid-morning, or later in the afternoon. Most fitness experts claim that morning exercise is the most beneficial. This is because if you make the commitment to work out in the morning and you stick to it, there are no excuses to miss your work out. Nothing esle can interfere with your fitness routine when you make it a priority and show up at the gym or the park first thing in the morning. Another reason often cited is that it is better to exercise on an empty stomach. I have no opinion on this other than you should never push yourself on an empty stomach if you begin feeling weak or dizzy.




Yoga but which yoga?

You have heard so many things about yoga: how great one feels afterwards, how good stretching is, how stronger one becomes. But you have also heard that there are several types of yoga and you don't know where to begin. 

Kristin McGee design a new tool published in Self Magazine. The test will help you decide which type is the best for you.



Eating habits

Speaking of our eating habits is one thing but actually admitting that we may be addicted to food is not easy. Have you given it any thought? Would you know how to recognize the symptoms?

Recognizing the symptoms is the first step to acknowledging your addiction. And if this is the case, don't worry. There are plenty of ways to combat this situation.




Role models

While I completely disagree with setting unrealistic goals such as "I want to look like____(fill in the blank)," or "I wish I had ______(so and so's) body," I strongly believe in having a role model or several role models in fitness.

One should always keep in mind that people who look healthy and fit were not just born looking like that but they also work hard at achieving such great levels of fitness. For example, if Gwyneth Paltrow is one of the people you admire, follow her fitness routine because she has probably hired professionals to design it for her. Two persons will never look identical–their bodies will never look identical either. But they can both achieve similar levels of fitness, health, and happiness.




Weight training

One of the most common mistakes that hinder fitness is skipping weight training. Weight training is good for both sexes and for all ages. Admittedly, different types of exercises are recommended for teenagers, adults, or seniors. Still, weight training should be part of any workout routine if the goal is weight loss and optimal fitness. While weight training may be intimidating, its science has been proven time and again. We urge you to consider incorporating weight training into your weekly fitness routine.




Protein for your workout

Even if you are vegetarian, you need protein to fuel your body and maintain your energy for your daily tasks and your physical activity. Protein does not have to come in the form of meat only. There are several alternatives such as eggs, whey, or nuts but you need to know how to incorporate those in a healthy nutrition plan that will enhance your fitness. For more information on this topic, read the following article from Men's Fitness Magazine.