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Clarity and concentration

An active body houses an active mind.

Have you been trying to focus on your homework with no success? Try working out instead and see what that does to your energy, concentration and clarity. What may have seemed as painfully boring homework before your workout will probably be a breeze after. This is because there more you exercise and the more consistently the less active your brain becomes.

Cardiovascular exercise increases your blood flow and this affects your brain as well. Forget sleepiness, grogginess and lack of energy. A challenging workout will make you look cool and it will also make you smarter.



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Plan a day off every week

Regardless of which day that is for you, take a day off. There are plenty of things to do to keep you motivated for your workouts throughout the week. The most important thing is to carefully select your music. Which type of music really motivates you? Which makes you happy? or energetic and upbeat? This is exactly what you need to keep in mind while you are putting together your hits before you hit the gym.

Looking for some help on line, I found that In the Gym is a website that allows you to build playlists to power your workouts. 


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Fit abs

Fat around the midriff is very common among young people. Regardless of body type, fat accumulates easily around the belly and waist.  Those who are committed to a regular workout routine can successfully reduce their circumference by several inches if they combine a routine of intense cardio (preferably intervals) and ab exercises. 

When the usual crunch and sit-up do not seem to bring you results, you may want to try exercises that target the lower part of your abs. Any anatomy book will tell you that there is no such thing as "upper" and "lower" ab muscles. Instead, ab muscles run vertically along the length of the adbomen and are layered. Therefore, you should try to incorporate exercises that target a variety of points on your abdomen, such as leg raises, reverse crunches in addition to crunches and sit-ups. A fun and effective exercise is called the "Hollowman:" lie flat on your back and raise your legs and shoulders several inches off the floor. Try to hold the pose for 30 seconds, relax and repeat.



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Adolescence and Nutrition

Do you think nutrition is confusing? Do you find published guidelines contradictory?

You are right. Even if nutrition guidelines are regulated, nutritional information is not. Therefore, there is no consistency and no transparency in the way nutritional facts are communicated.

The simplest way to think about food is to understand its basic components (carbohydrates, protein, and fat) and what each one can do for your body. With this fundamental understanding of how food fuels our body and our activities, you may then want to consult a guide like this one. It will help you keep your energy up with the proper foods while it will steer you away from unwanted ingredients.


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Kettlebells Plus

Working with kettlebells is said to promote total body strengthening, balance, and agility. However, this is also a challenging workout and when not performed properly it can be dangerous. If you have someone who knows how to incorporate kettlebells exercises in your training routine or if you are lucky to work out with a trainer who is certified in kettlebells fitness, you should give it a try. As challenging as it is, kettlebells training teaches one about proper posture, alignment, and focus.

Do not attempt these exerices on your own. You can hurt yourself. Also, be wary of "group fitness" classes that incorporate kettlebells in their routine. Because the number of people who attend group fitness classes is great, the instructor does not get a chance to inspect and correct everyone's form. This means that you may end up performing a training routine doing something wrong for an entire hour. It is dangerous and counterproductive. Be equally wary of videos you find online demonstrating that type of exercise. You really need to begin at the beginning with this type of exercise.

With patience and persistence you will be able to follow a sequence like the one in the video here:



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How do you stay fit?

No one has asked me this question (yet) but this is the one that always comes up when Jennifer Aniston appears on a talk show.

Her answer is simple and straightforward:

1. I work out (every day) doing cardio consistently, preferably a program that includes intervals. I also do weight training, yoga and pilates regularly throughout the week.

2. I eat well. This means eating a balanced diet of vegetables and lean protein with a few complex carbohydrates throughout the day. I don't drink, other than socially. I avoid fatty meats and dairy even though I will indulge once in a while and truly enjoy my food.

3. I sleep at least eight hours at night. Sleep is very important for me.

Yes! This is exactly how Jennifer Aniston defines her fitness routine and the proof is in this video.

Is Jennifer's list too hard to implement all at once? Begin with one of the items on her list and make progress slowly and steadily.


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Fit for the Oscars

Isn't it inspiring to look at that specific date on the calendar and know that within the next five days one can maximize her efforts to get fit?

While fitness cannot be achieved within five days only, this amount of time is just perfect to re-set your body to new habits and routines. Take it day by day and gradually change the way you eat and exercise. That sort of commitment is great because it is short term and it allows one to take it easy as long as she sticks to the plan for the day.

Most stars and celebrities have to do that on a regular basis. We would not recommend anything drastic but we found good advice in the following article.


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Fitness and Motivation

What motivates you to work out? We would love to hear from you.

We know that many of us are enticed by monetary rewards and material goods. But is this all there is to it? What brings you to the gym? What makes you join your friends for a game of soccer or basketball? Let us know. If you are too shy to leave your comments here, feel free to email us at:



Fun and fitness go together

The most exciting exercises are those that stir up your routine and present you with new challenges.




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Gym Memberships and Working Out in Public

For many people going to the gym is a challenge ridden with anxiety and fear. It is a big step to go from no physical activity to behaving like a natural among all those other gym goers who seem to know exactly how each equipment works.  Everyone agrees that this may be intimidating. But there are ways around it.

Your first tool is to realize that people at the gym are busy working out and therefore do not have time to look at how others perform the exercises.  You also have the option of listening to your own music, which helps you forget that you are in the company of other people. Finally, it is a good idea to practice at home, preferably in front of the TV or your computer where a variety of fitness programs are broadcast for free. 

For example, try to follow along with Gilad and his fitness students as they are working through the exercises. Once you try it, you will realize that working out demands your full attention and concentration. It leaves no opportunity for the distraction of watching other people or of thinking what other people think of  you. 



(Post by Thomai Serdari)