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Reality TV

While I was troubled to see yet another reality series on MTV (but then again, MTV is reality tv), I was also surprised to realize that this time the role models are positive.

The premise? Each week a full episode will document the efforts of young people (teenagers) who have decided that their attitude towards food and exercise is not healthy. Their daily transformation is exposed on the screen.

During that first episode, the emotions were powerful and the power struggle with the family at home intense. Gabriella, the series star, proved that commitment and determination are tools in everyone's disposal and that when used they can help one achieve anything. Gabriella also had the daily support and guidance of a professional trainer.

The series title, "I used to be fat," is strong but implies that the rest of the series will have a positive outcome.  We are very interested in the methods employed and we will be watching. We would also love to get your feedback or reaction to the show if you have watched it. 

A Happy and Healthy New Year to everyone!

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