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Playlists for working out


Here is the latest playlist, compliments of SELF magazine. Enjoy!

Stay committed

Physical training. Courtesy of The New York Times.

Physical training. Courtesy of The New York Times.

How do you stay committed to physical training? Share your tips with us!

Are you an Olympian?


Basic push-up

Basic push-up

Triathlete Sarah Haskins spends five hours a day training as she prepares for the 2012 Olympics. Her attention is focused on strengthening her core. “If your core isn’t stable, your form will fall apart, and it can even lead to injury,” she explains. The first step to becoming an Olympian is to develop your strength–having fun is also important. For starters, try working on your push-up. Consistent training and correct alignment can get your the results you want.


Exercise post-surgery

Getting ready for surgery may bring anxiety for all sorts of reasons. The process may even seem more stressful to those who like working out and think that the surgery will take that privilege away. This is not always the case. What one needs to do is consult with the surgeon in charge to get specific instructions. As a preparation, read this article that explains several types of injury and the appropriate recommendations for working out (or not).

Good luck!

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Back Valley

Not only do we skip weight training for cardio but even when we do decide to lift weights, we ignore our back muscles. These are as important as your core muscles and protect you from injuries. Here are a few great exercises from Men’s Fitness Magazine. They are great for both sexes!



Fuel the Desire

Fuel the Desire

When to pursue change

My trainer, Swann Cardot, taught me something very important today: Don't hold on to things, habits, or ideas that don't work for you. Leave them behind and pick up something new. Holding on to exercises or habits that don't work for you only stalls your progress.



Treadmill Tips

If the rain is keeping you inside the gym, here are a few good tips that will help you maximize the effects of your work out. Remember that you can achieve both cardiovascular and muscle strengthening on the treadmill.





Are you an athlete? Even if not competing professionally, how can you know that your enthusiasm for a sport can lead you to results? Use the method of visualization and you will soon be amazed with your results. This, by the way, applies to everyone, even those who are just contemplating changing their lifestyle and incorporating a light form of exercise to their daily routine.